The necesarry Do's and Dont's!


Fair play

A team consists of 8 players (goalkeeper included), of which at least one have to be Japanese; unlimited change of players is allowed. To generate more action and thus more enthusiasm the matches will be played on half fields. A competition committee and a referee coordinator will rule the competition; the referees in the field are all KNVB-certified (KNVB = Dutch Football Federation). The referee can exclude a player 5 minutes from the game or permanently from tournament. 


The matches (12 minutes) will be played as much as possible according to the rules of indoor football, except that the ball will be thrown in from the side-line; above all fair play rules! Change of fields during the match is not permitted. A central sound signal will mark the start and the end of the match.  


The winner of each group passes on to the semi-finals together with the best number 2 of all teams. Qualification is based on the number of match points, then the goal balance and finally the number of goals.

For the semi-finals 12 minutes central time registration will apply. Five penalties will follow at a drawn game. If there’s no match winner by then penalties will have to be taken until a team miss. 


The final will be played in 15 minutes. At a drawn game extra time of twice 5 minutes will be added to the match. If that’s without any result five penalties must be taken. If there is no outcome by then penalties must be taken until a team miss. 

Fair play cup

The team who is playing according to the fair play rules can earn a bleu card. After each match the referee will report to the match secretary which team has earned the bleu card.  The team who has earned the most bleu cards is the winner of the Fair Play Cup.

Bad luck price / prices match groups

We also have a price for the team that is not lucky during the preliminary matches and this year we have prices for the number 1, 2 and 3 of the match groups.


Price ceremony of all above mentioned prices at the end of the group matches.

The J-Dream Cup Trophy

The J-Dream Cup
Trophy is a challenge trophy!

The winning team of the J-Dream Cup can take this symbol of their victory to their company until the next J-Dream Cup.